Sep 202008

Today we joined my twins club on a tour of the local suburban airport. To say that Henry had one of the best times of his life is an understatement.




Repeat for an hour and a half, and…scene.

Henry is our transportation lover, so the airport was like his own magical wonderland. He ran around and around, making sure we were aware of the location of every single vehicle, both airborne and grounded. Our group got to see a helicopter that flew in Vietnam and is now almost restored, and the babies got to sit in an airplane for the first time.

Eleanor enjoyed herself, but could take or leave all the planes.

Hopefully her enthusiasm grows, because flying is an important part of my family. I can’t remember ever not flying with my dad, zipping through the clouds as the ground below looked like a model railroad set. I can’t wait to include Henry and Eleanor in the FlesWorthy family pastime, and today was a fun introduction.

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