Oct 092008

Henry and Eleanor are both dripping snot. I have snot on my shirt, snot on my pants, snot on my ottoman and chair. Eleanor is crying on my lap as I type this. Both babies napped for only 45 minutes this afternoon. I’m wondering when I’m supposed to pack to leave town tomorrow for a week. I’ve yelled, “hey, guys, stop that” more times today than I’d like to count. There are Cheerios strewn liberally across the entire upper floor of my house. They match the wadded-up Kleenexes that are littering every surface.

I love my babies dearly, and I’m happy with the life I worked for four years to get, but most days this job is just plain HARD.


  One Response to “Mommy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”

  1. Gavin is snotty too and seems to have some kind of stomach bug. I wonder which of the 8,000 germy kids at Pinheads brought this upon us. :-)

    Have a great time on your trip…..and good luck with the packing!

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