Oct 202008

Now on to our visit last week to Carterville. Here’s a photo review of Henry and Eleanor’s week.

We went to the park, where some of us had fun…

…and some of us didn’t.

We played dress-up and the “pretend to drink Mommy’s Diet Coke” game.

Then we played the “attempt to drink Mommy’s Diet Coke for real” game.

We played outside, drawing on the sidewalk and watching the fish.

We kept calling the pumpkins “apples.”

We enjoyed visits from Pam, Vickie, and Tara and her mom and son. (The babies were too shy for photos with Pam, so the role of Pam will be played by the muffins she brought over.)

We took a gander at the geese that were arriving in southern Illinois for the winter.

The best part of Henry and Eleanor’s week? Getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa.

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