Jan 202009

Of course, Henry and Eleanor won’t remember this once-in-a-lifetime historic event. But in a handful of years, when they’re learning the Obama chapter of their social studies textbook, they might ask me what they did that day. So, kids, here’s what you did: you shouted “O-ma-ma!” when you first saw Obama on TV; you danced to the brass bands; you liked watching the cars in the motorcade; you waved at the screen and said “hi O-ma-ma,” because you maybe think you can talk to him through the TV like you talk to Grandma and Grandpa via webcam on our computer; you snuck into the kitchen and unspooled an entire roll of paper towels while I was watching CNN; you kept telling me that Obama was sleeping (“O-ma-ma sleep!”) when he was actually bowing his head in prayer; and you were blissfully unaware of the moment Obama became President because you were sitting on the couch eating peanut butter sandwiches.



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  1. These videos are cracking me up. :) I’m truly laughing out loud. Awesome. I love that – “Omama”!

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