Jan 282009

How awesome is it when you wake up, dreading being stuck at home with the kiddos all day, only to discover that your sister has a snow day, too? Pretty awesome, I tell you.

We got nine, ten, or eleven inches of snow, depending on which weather report you want to believe. Regardless, it was enough to get Andy stuck at the stop sign at the end of our street this morning. Twenty minutes of shoveling later, he was on his way to work. Julie and I enjoyed a day at home with Henry and Eleanor. We cleaned, laughed, watched Sesame Street, danced to the song “Beer Run,” played in the snow, and raced Mario Kart. Here’s a peek at the good times that were had by all:

  One Response to “Snow Day”

  1. How fun! My brother is without power in Jeffersonville. Too bad 65 was closed down there and the major highways had trees in the road. I was hoping he’d come up here for some heat! So great to have your sister there.

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