Apr 182009

Today I had a mile-long to-do list, but the perfect, incredible, sunny spring weather dictated that we get out and do something fun. We headed out to the zoo after naptime, not to see the animals, but to visit the gardens that are next door. Every summer the garden greenhouse hosts scores of butterflies from different parts of the world. I had visited once a few years ago and thought Henry and Eleanor would enjoy it.

We led the kiddos into the greenhouse, and those butterflies ROCKED THEIR WORLD. They pointed and squealed every single time one of the winged insects fluttered by. Henry would put both his hands on his tummy and literally do a belly laugh. They both shrieked “BUTTERFLY” to the amusement of the other visitors. Our time in the greenhouse basically went like this:







Henry and Eleanor have been fascinated with flowers lately, too; not BUTTERFLIES-level, but they like to point them out and tell us what color the flowers are. So after our jaunt through the greenhouse we went outside to the lovely gardens. We walked all through the different floral displays, where the tulips and the hyacinths were a hit (Eleanor studied them and announced that they were grapes; which, yeah, they’re called grape hyacinths, so good call, kid). The lawn unleashed some silliness—Henry and Eleanor spent a while running in circles on the green grass, then flopping down and saying, “Crash!” It was a perfect day in a pleasant setting; time with family will always trump my to-do list.

  3 Responses to “Flesworthy Family Fun: OMG BUTTERFLIES!”

  1. Looks like a fun day–we may have to visit the butterflies soon!

  2. Wow! Look at that last picture! The quote on that fountain is quite terrific.

    Looks like lots of butterfly fun. You and Andy are super duper cool parents!

  3. Great pics!

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