May 192009

Henry, get off the dinosaur.

Quit throwing dog food into the bathtub.

Yes, Obama pooped in his diaper when he was a baby.

You are being very nice to Eleanor’s hair.

Mommy’s beef tastes just the same as Daddy’s beef.

  2 Responses to “Things I Thought I'd Never Say, and Then I Had Kids: Part II”

  1. How about this:
    Alex: I can only find 3 bullets.
    Mom/Dad: What do you mean you can only find 3 bullets. You have like 20 bullets. Go back up to your room and find the rest of your bullets. And we know you have more guns too, find the rest of your guns so all the kids can play. Oh good Grace found another gun.

    We were talking about Nerf guns and Nerf bullets of course, but it made us laugh this weekend as we found ourselves saying these words to our kids.

  2. :) awwww. Obama pooped, too.

    Happy Thursday, Jennifer!

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