Jan 192010

I started reading blogs during all of our reproductive drama. Reading other’s experiences comforted me, but I got in the bad habit of lurking and never commenting. I still can’t quite kick my lurking habit. It’s as if my computer screen is a window where I just peek into the online world.

But those people in my computer? They’re real! And I met some of them on Monday night. The lovely Emily organized a local bloggers dinner, where we socialized before heading to Erin of $5 Dinner’s book signing. And I met Casey. And Jen. And Briana. And punkinmama. And Michelle. And Crystal. And Cherie. And Angie. And Kristin. And Jennette. And Jenni. And Anna. And Shelli. And Amy.

And I realized that I should quit peeking into the online world and get more involved. Because gals who love their iPhones, introduce themselves by their Twitter handles, and nod in understanding when I admit that I check my email before feeding my children breakfast? I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE.

  11 Responses to “Burritos and Bloggers”

  1. I thought everyone checked their e-mail before feeding the kids breakfast? Let me know how the cookbook is, it's on my list to pick up this weekend!

  2. I definitely recommend the cookbook–lots of yummy-sounding recipes I want to try.

  3. we are your people. glad you could make it!

  4. No kidding. I had a great time and loved meeting you. I wanted to jump in on the reproductive drama talk with you and Casey but I think you two were having a moment. And who doesn't love a good unspoiled moment, right?

  5. I love your last paragraph– so, so true!! Hope we meet again soon!

  6. Spot on! It was lovely meeting you as well. We must do it more often!

  7. Hello Celebrity Blogger, Jennifer! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    I'm so proud of you. Way to go! Networking with all the other celebrity bloggers! Work it, girlfriend.

  8. I had such a great evening! It was great meeting you and I hope we get together more often!

  9. WOOHOO! I am finding that there really is nothing quite at fun as blog-world meets real-world.

    And I am with everyone else . . . my kids pretty much know breakfast isn't served until Mommy has checked in online.

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments, ladies! You'll let me know if I've accidentally left anybody off the list up there, won't you?

  11. We found you too.

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