Feb 072010

After the kids’ bath last night, I realized that the only clean pajamas we had were of the Eleanor variety. Sensing Eleanor’s unwillingness to give up her monkey jammies, I announced to Henry that he got to wear her pink PJs.

“Ooh, flowers,” he said as I dressed him. As I zipped him up, Henry told me, “I’m beautiful.”

Yes, kid, you are.

  4 Responses to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. he is sooooo going to kill you over these pictures! We love our trucks and monkeys and trains jams, but somehow the pink floral is a bit different!

  2. How stinking cute is he?! So glad he didn't object to the flowers!

  3. Hey, Caroline has the same jams as Eleanor! Hope you guys are hanging in their in this weather!

  4. oh yes, he reeks of confidence. I love it…

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