Mar 092010

Eleanor’s hair puts the mop in moppet.

I love her mess of blonde curls, but after almost three years, it was time to tame it.

We let her have a few last hours of unbrushed freedom on Saturday morning.

That afternoon we took her to my salon for her very first haircut.

She was THRILLED, let me tell you.

I’ll spare you the details of how she screamed bloody murder during the attempt to wash her hair, except to say, sorry other salon patrons just trying to relax and read US Weekly while enjoying their expensive cutting and coloring.

She did okay during the actual haircut, thankfully, other than the sullen face and informing me “I’m ready to go” a few times.

Eleanor’s day wasn’t entirely filled with pampering-based torture. The family enjoyed a post-salon treat—Henry and Eleanor’s first gelato.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the sunshine with an inaugural tricycle ride.

The mop might be coiffed, but she’s still our amazing moppet.

  8 Responses to “First Haircut”

  1. Awww, you know some day she is going to beg you to take her for a haircut!

  2. I was lucky…Phoebe was fascinated with the salon and that we were having "lady time" as she calls it.

  3. The look on her face at the salon is priceless! And Lainie is right – my 3-year-old doesn't understand why I won't take her to get a haircut every week.

  4. I really enjoyed this post. Something must be in the air because I blogged about this topic as well this week:


  5. love her hair and the pictures!! SO precious!

  6. I decided to save $36 and do the kids' cuts myself in the backyard on Wednesday. You may have endured screaming and embarrassment, but now you have a good lookin' kid! I, on the other hand, have a son who looks "special", as Jack put it, and two daughters with significantly shorter hair than I had planned… I think we'll hit the salon next time around.

  7. I remember screaming at that age when they tried to wash my hair in the salon too. It scared me terribly having to lean back in that big black sink and hearing that loud water. I thought I was a goner for sure. Were you able to calm her down at all?

    • Yep, we eventually got her calmed down, and she’s done great at haircuts ever since. Still doesn’t like getting her tangles combed out, though!

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