Jul 182010

1 aunt
1 uncle
2 cousins
2 grandparents
2 boats
723 times Andy and I yelled “I’m on a boat!”
1 happy Holland hat
4 sad Nederlanders after the World Cup final
6 pairs of Keens
1 hike
2 children who whined and cried for hike duration
2 parents vowing no more hikes
1 trip to the playground
3 trips to the beach
1 climb up the Sleeping Bear Dunes
1 ice cream excursion
1 shopping trip with niece
1 scenic drive
1 jaunt to Leland
1 18th birthday
1 51st anniversary
5 books read
918 searches for Waldo
1,839,407 times kids yelled “Jorden! Jorden! Hey Jorden! Jorden!”
1 son awestruck by friendly policeman
1 rainy day
6 sunny days
7 days of swimming
2 bottles of sunblock
1 sunburn
10 bottles of Labatt Blue Light
3 pancakes/3 sausage patties/2 eggs consumed by kids at Art’s breakfast
3 petoskey stones found
1 fun week

(Wanna see pictures? Will be posting all to my Flickr photostream)

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