Aug 082010

Mom and Dad in town
loving and spoiling of kids
and free childcare

Date night! Sushi? Yes!
Oh, but wait, Gen Con in town,
there’s nowhere to park.

A movie instead.
Inception—great, now I am
scared to start dreaming.

Shopping with my mom
Fabric sale a big success
Trader Joe’s was, too

Projects with my dad
Let’s redo the twins’ closet!
It needs new shelving.

What do you do when
you have a long to-do list?
Go to pool, of course!

(sorry, bad photo / I took it with my iPhone / not real camera)

Wait, did I just write
a photo caption haiku?
That’s my sign to stop.

  2 Responses to “Weekend Haiku”

  1. love this. You're so cleaver. We need to hang soon.

  2. love your new look!! And really, such a clever ode to your weekend!!

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