Aug 162010

I’m mooovin’ on up, to the east siiiiide, if by “movin’ on up” you mean “switched from Blogger” and by “east side” you mean “Wordpress.” It’s not quite a deeeeluxe apartment in the skyyy-hyyyyy, but check out my new digs! Fancy, huh? I’ve got a favicon and a contact form and threaded comments, pretty much everything but a wisecracking maid teasing me about my height.

There’s still some tweaking and settling in to be done, so bear with me if anything seems wonky or broken (or better yet, let me know—you can use my contact form!). And I’m out of Jeffersons references, so time to end this post like George slamming the door on Bentley.

Okay, seriously, I’m done now. Enjoy the new site!

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