Aug 202010

First a quick housekeeping note. Remember how I got my big-girl blog this week? Well, if you happen to subscribe to it in a reader, you might need to resubscribe, okay?


This week I have:

been startled out of my shower by a screaming toddler who urgently needed to ask me RIGHT NOW, “do bunnies eat pizza and chips?”
lost track of how many times I’ve said, “go find your pants.”
been told, “I peed on the floor.”
broken up a fight between naked toddlers over imaginary pizza.

Three is such a fun age. Wait, did I say fun? I meant INSANE.


Celebrity I have to rethink my opinion of
So general consensus is that Kanye West is kind of an asshole. I mean, we’ve all seen the VMAs and the South Park “fish sticks” episode, right? But then he showed up on Twitter, and so of course I followed him because the main point of Twitter is to stalk celebrities (hi Britney!) and I was all set to be IMMA LET YOU FINISH BUT @SHITMYDADSAYS IS THE GREATEST TWITTER STREAM OF ALL TIME but dadgummit if he’s not kinda likeable. Like, genuinely into design and appreciative of his fortune and missing his mom. So whew, now I don’t have to feel bad that his new song and the Jay-Z remix are about to become the most-played songs on my iPod.

Celebrity I don’t have to rethink my opinion of, although for a while there I thought I did
So we watch Cars on a daily basis around these parts, and I kept thinking, “you know, I always thought Jennifer Aniston was gorgeous but not that great of an actor, she’s just always the same whether she’s Rachel or that waitress chick on Office Space, but I have to admit, she does a really good job as Sally in this movie, I know it’s only her voice but it’s probably her best acting by far.”

Except, yeah, tooootally not Jennifer Aniston. It’s Bonnie Hunt.


Phrases Henry and Eleanor have used lately that I know they learned from me:
that’s the plan
that’s the deal
you guys


My children are cute and I have the photos to prove it:

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  1. Cracking me up! I’ve said a lot of “go find your pants” lately too… Except, I’ve given up on the pants and would just settle for “go find your underwear”.

    LOVE the pictures!

  2. Oh, and that was me above!

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