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Last Thursday, with a hearty “okay, kids, let’s go begin your education!” Andy and I took the kids to their very first day of preschool.

I knew Henry and Eleanor were prepared; we had been reading about preschool and talking about preschool and had enjoyed a home visit with their teacher and two playgroups at the school. But I was still nervous on how they’d do when it was time to leave them in their classroom.

I shouldn’t have worried. Henry walked in like he owned the place, hanging up his sweatshirt on the hook with his photo on it and strolling off to play at the train table. Eleanor took a minute to take in her surroundings, but then I had to wait for her to go down the slide before I got a good-bye hug.

After our good-bye hugs and kisses, Andy went on to work and I headed upstairs for a parents’ breakfast. After a half-hour or so I realized I wasn’t going to get any distress calls and headed home.

No tears on Henry and Eleanor’s part, but I got misty-eyed on my trip home. It took all my willpower to pull out of the parking lot without them. But I returned to two kids who were excited and had lots to say about their day. Painting at the easel seemed to be the biggest hit, as well as the sit-and-spins and the cars. Overall, it’s an exciting new chapter in our lives. Official preschoolers! Where does the time go?

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  1. Congratulations to them as well as to you! I swear sending them off to preschool is the hardest thing! What are we going to do when college comes around! Good for them for being so brave, though!

  2. I can’t wait for this next year!

  3. What nice transition your two have made.

    My grandson cried his heart out the first two days of preschool. His daddy was at the gym and he got a call…. Come get him….he is not happy.

    But…. alas, today he was … having a GREAT time.. when Nana went to pick him up after school.

    Brody’s two. Today he was sponge painting when I peaked in the window. On the way home I said What were you making with the paint baby? Aaah ples, Nana. He says a couple dozen words… apples is one of them. He was making apples. I was so happy he was happy.

    I’ve been through this preschool thing, mind you, a hundred years ago,but this going to school for the first time is BiG…..

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