Oct 052010

He wore running shoes and crazy shirts and a yellow Lions Club vest.

He built the angel that adorns my wall, the marble game that entertains my children, and my parents’ pie safe.

He had an advent calendar for Halloween.

He never minded that I hung out after piano lessons, although he’d worry I would hurt my hands playing four-square.

He was the only one who could give Salem her shots.

When I jokingly complained that in my day, Free Fair queen first runner-ups didn’t get crowns, he showed up at my house with gold sequins fit for a princess.

His family’s picture is tacked up on my refrigerator.

He raised two sons that are more my brothers than my friends.

He lost his fight against cancer last week.

He will be missed.

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  1. what a great post

  2. Great tribute!

  3. Love it. Dad would have loved it.

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