Oct 312010

Thing I Agreed To That I Might Regret Later
Remember last year when Andy and I pinky swore to write every day during the month of November? Well, I agreed to do it again. Andy will be doing creative writing, and I’ll be participating in NaBloPoMo. Hopefully it will kick-start me into regularly posting again.

Important Dates I’ve Missed in September/October When I’ve Been Busy Not Blogging
My blog’s second birthday
My iPhone’s first birthday
Our one-year anniversary of minivan ownership

Candy I’ve Already Eaten This Weekend And We Haven’t Even Trick-or-Treated Yet
lime Tootsie Roll
fun-sized Butterfinger
fun-sized Butterfinger with the chocolate eaten off (thanks, Henry)
strawberry Laffy Taffy
banana Laffy Taffy
peanut M&Ms
grape lollipop
pretty much an entire bag of Baby Ruths

Adorable Things I’ve Witnessed This Week
My children in their Halloween costumes (photos to come, I promise)
My children’s delight in their “jack-o-laters”
My husband’s newfound Angry Birds addiction

This Isn’t A List, But Let’s End This Post with A Photo Of Henry
(from this week’s photo class, assignment: people, SOOC/ISO 200/50mm/1/250 at f/4, for those of you who care)

  5 Responses to “Lists”

  1. i know i’m biased, but OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST KID EVER. seriously, get him an agent, and get him into modeling.

  2. What a great picture! Good luck blogging everyday. I am going to try also. Good luck with the Halloween candy too. May the poor of avoidance be with you!

    • Avoidance didn’t happen, unfortunately–I think I’ve eaten my weight in chocolate the past two days! And good luck to you, too, with NaBloPoMo.

  3. FUN! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I will love reading it each day!

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