Nov 012010

Act I: ZooBoo

On Friday afternoon, the family headed to the zoo for their annual ZooBoo festivities. The kids’ costumes made their grand appearance in the cooler weather (the minute I bought them fleece costumes, it turned 80° for most of October). We bowled with pumpkins, we bouncy-housed with friends, we trick-or-treated, we ogled the Halloween decorations. Oh yeah, and there were animals, too.

Act II: Irvington Halloween Festival

Saturday found the Flesworthy crew in Irvington, for more candy and friends and music and a costume parade. The bees grew into a colony, as Andy and I joined in the fun as a queen bee and beekeeper. Same-sized kids in matching costumes always garner attention, but Andy got his fair share, too. Comments from onlookers always followed this format: (spy cute matching twins) “ooooh, how cute” (eyes move onward to me) “hey! a queen bee!” (look up to Andy’s hat) “a beekeeper! how awesome!” We had strangers snap our photo, which is always my hallmark of a good costume. Afterward, we buzzed downtown for supper with a side of yellow-flowered pollen for dessert.

Act III: Halloween

This was the first Halloween that Henry and Eleanor really understood, and could look forward to the fun of trick-or-treating. They were ready to go all day, which made for a long wait until evening. But when it was finally showtime, we all had such a great time together. I love seeing the kids enjoying themselves, and Henry and Eleanor were literally bouncing up and down with excitement. They chattered about which houses they wanted to hit up for candy, Andy and I laughing at how they named houses by which dog lived there instead of people. We walked for a bit with some neighbors, our kids merging with a small group of older kids and suddenly looking so big-kid themselves. Even normally-shy Eleanor wasn’t shy about asking for candy. Henry would say “trick-or-treating!” instead of trick-or-treat, but close enough, right? Watching Henry and Eleanor proudly make buzzing noises in their bee costumes, or stop in the middle of the street to compare candy, or excitedly point out which house to visit next, I kept thinking to myself that it was one of those perfect family moments that we wished for when going through IVF.

Epilogue: The Day After

After our previous two years of trick-or-treating, Andy and I could stash away the candy-filled pumpkins and the kids would pretty much forget about them. Not this year. Immediately after breakfast the pumpkins had their loot dumped onto the ottoman, and the sorting and trading and planning-which-to-eat-first commenced. Since the kids and I had no plans for today, I declared it a candy free-for-all. We spent the day in jammies ingesting as much sugar as we wanted. I ended the day picking up Smarties wrappers, vacuuming Nerds out of my carpet, wondering how the dog is going to digest that full-sized Snickers (including wrapper!), and already counting down the days until next year.

  4 Responses to “Halloween in Three Acts”

  1. Adorable. :) :) :) :)
    Great costumes.
    Looks like SOOOO much fun.

    P.S. – Have I mentioned how much I love your blog? :)

  2. Lovely photos and great wrap-up!
    I loved your tweet saying that last picture is what you always imagined during IVF. LOVE!

    • Thanks! I’m always grateful for my family, but some days I’m extra-aware just how lucky we got. Sunday was that kind of day!

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