Nov 062010

I know in yesterday’s post I said I’d post twice today, but apparently I didn’t. Perhaps I should start a new blog category entitled Lies, in which I can keep posts such as yesterday’s, or future ones such as “I Look Just Like Christina Hendricks” and “There’s Not A Lot of Britney On My iPod, I Swear.”


The Flesworthy clan was out and about having fun last night. Andy, Henry and Eleanor were downtown at the Pacers game. His work hosted a pre-game party on the practice court, and then they enjoyed some basketball. And when I say “they” I mean “Andy.” The kids were more interested in tracking the every movement of Boomer, the Pacers mascot.

I started the evening at Indy GiveCamp with a group of IT professionals who are giving up their weekend to help build websites for not-for-profits. Northside Twins and Multiples is getting some much-needed upgrades, and I was there to represent, yo. Once they started throwing out terms like CiviCRM I left them to do their thing and go do my thing, which was bust a move with some fellow bloggers. Casey and Emily were the gracious hosts and we played Just Dance 2 on the Wii. My sore arms today remind me how out of shape I am and how I would probably not make it as a Bollywood dancer despite my love of samosas and curry. A good time though; it’s nice to be reminded that the people who live inside my computer are actually real (and nice, too!).

(photographic proof of my dancing non-awesomeness from punkinmama‘s Twitter)


Is It Weird That The Following Make Me So Happy? Yeah, Probably.
a freshly charged iPhone battery
finding the latest Costco coupons in my mailbox
discussing camera lenses
melted cheese
great fonts
my Snuggie


My last photo class was this week. Wanna see my photo? Sure you do.

Assignment: red
SOOC/ISO 200/50mm/1/80 at f/2.2

  6 Responses to “Flesworthy Filler Friday: A Day Late And A Dollar Short”

  1. It was total awesomeness at the party!! So great to meet you!!

    I love that red photo! It’s perfect!!

  2. I love your font choice right now. It’s very “you”.

    Great seeing ya, we need to bloggy get togethers more often. Or, how about I make it to MOPS one of these days. :)

    • Yeah, you know how I can’t handle bad fonts, even if bacon is involved.

      And I vote for both: more bloggy get-togethers AND you at MOPS.

  3. It is no lie that you can bust a move! You have mad skillz!

    It was a great night! One I hope that can be repeated more regularly!

    • I’m hoping to see bloggers outside of my computer more often, too. It was nice to see you in person instead of in WWF!

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