Nov 082010

There’s an epic battle of the wills underway at my house, between two parents who are over buying pull-ups and their children who are no-nope-no-way-not-going-to-do-it-no-never-nope refusing to poop on the potty.

On Sunday we told them, “no more diapers,” and hid our stash of pull-ups, aka “robot pants.” They even wore underwear to bed for the first time last night, and kept ‘em dry until morning. The problem? No poop. For almost two days (Henry) and two days and going strong (Eleanor).

Here was my exhausting day today:

Henry and/or Eleanor: I need to poop. I need robot pants!
Jennifer: Sorry, no more diapers, remember? We poop on the potty.
Henry and/or Eleanor: No! I need robot pants! I NEED ROBOT PANTS!
Jennifer: I’m sorry, but you’re a big kid now. Big kids poop on the potty. Come on, I’ll go sit in the bathroom with you.
Henry and/or Eleanor: I can’t!
Jennifer: Yes you can! I know you can. You’ve done it once before, remember? You can do it. I’ll be there with you.
Henry and/or Eleanor: I WON’T! (insert tantrum or crying as needed)

Repeat for ten hours and…scene.

Peeing? We’ve had that down for quite a while now. Pooping? Is driving Andy and me insane. Granted, my brain has blacked out all of those early newborn-twin sleepless days, but I have to say, potty training has been the shittiest parenting experience so far, pun very much intended.

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  1. I’m so sorry! Sending you non-constipation, good-ol-bowel movement thoughts your way!

  2. We had MANY “mexican poop standoffs” with our boys to get them to go on the potty. One time Nate held it for SEVEN days despite feeding him a diet of laxatives and fiber rich foods. It never worked for us.

    We talked to our ped and he said to make them ask for the pull up until they are ready. It literally happened in one day for each of them. They decided it was time to start pooping in the potty. There was MUCH bribery but literally, once they each pooped on the potty once, it was easy from there.

  3. I can’t imagine having two yelling at me, for the same reason. One 3 year old throwing a fit is enough. Granted, Cha chimes in now and yells when Eve does.
    If it makes you feel any better, I slept on the floor for awhile last night, between Eve’s bed and Cha’s crib, because Eve was whining (because she didn’t want to sleep, as usual) and waking Cha up, so I had to calm Eve down so she wouldn’t wake up Cha. Then just as Eve went to sleep, Cha woke up crying, so I had to calm Cha down so Eve would sleep. Most kids are affected by daylight savings time. Not mine. I wanted to cry myself to sleep.

  4. thank you all, once again, for the free birth control. why does anyone ever have kids when we mostly just hear the horror stories?

  5. Wow, I wish I had some advice. The only thing I’ve ever heard to do in this situation is to give them Miralax so they *can’t* hold it in, but I don’t think I could handle the mess(es) that would create. Actually, I know I couldn’t, so I can’t expect anyone else to really follow that advice.

    I have another friend who is having a similar battle with her little one over going pee (& poop) in the potty. At least you have half of it down? Sorry, that’s not helpful.

    One of these days it WILL happen… they are not going to Kindergarten in Pull-ups!

  6. I can’t imagine potty training two at once….one was PURE HELL and honestly, two years later? We’re still not totally in the clear (not to frighten anyone, while you can’t go to kindergarten in a pull up, you can go with LOTS of extra clothes). I will say it’s uber common to have the poop stand-off. I don’t know why anyone would want to sit in poop, but there’s just something about it that’s comforting, I guess. Mostly I’ve hear bribery works the best until it becomes second nature. Hang in there!

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