Nov 112010

At home, some days I don’t see much of Andy. He leaves for work before kids and I are usually awake. He comes home and walks the dog and plays outside with Henry and Eleanor while I finish cooking supper. He gives the kids a bath while I’m picking up toys. We watch a bit of TV together, then he’s off to bed early while my night owl tendencies emerge.

But this week he took some vacation days and joined the kids and I on one of our extended trips to my hometown. With grandparents around to entertain and spoil Henry and Eleanor, we’ve been able to actually spend time together. We streamed Netflix on our iPhones before indulging in an afternoon nap. We had an impromptu movie date to see The Social Network and discussed the movie, not the kids, on the way home. We grabbed supper at our favorite area pizza place and browsed a bookstore.

I love being a parent with Andy, but it’s been fun this week to ditch our regular routine. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy his friendship; it’s been nice to be reminded.

  3 Responses to “Reminded”

  1. Sounds wonderful!

    I am so looking forward to December, because my husband and I are going away for a few days without Punkin. And it is going to be wonderful.

  2. Glad to hear you got that time!

  3. So sweet! It’s good to be “reminded.”

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