Nov 152010

I wanted to start off the week with a witty and engaging blog post.

But then I

fed the kids breakfast
vacuumed upstairs
put away the clothes I left in the dryer
washed the kids’ bedding
made the kids’ beds
washed the towels
fed the kids lunch
washed the bathmats
unpacked duffel bags
did a load of kid laundry
put away a load of kid laundry
baked sugar cookies with the kids
took down the kids’ light-blocking curtains and hung the gingham ones
iced and decorated sugar cookies with the kids
vacuumed errant cookie sprinkles
cleaned carseats
refereed toddler arguments
started supper
played outside with the kids
fed the family supper
picked up the kitchen
bathed the kids

and now I’m too worn out. Why is the “at home” part of a stay-at-home mom’s job often the busiest?

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