Nov 182010

Oh, the spaceship’s going to bed. Night-night, spaceship.

Who put the monkeys in the dump truck?

If you want to get your corn candy you need to get your pants back on.

You have a nipple on your leg?

Calling all dragons and frogs to the dinner table!

No more blocks down your pants, okay, guys?

We don’t have to dance every time you put on your panties.

Please stop licking that cheese.

  2 Responses to “Things I Never Thought I'd Say and Then I Had Kids”

  1. I absolutely love this post.

  2. Jennifer,
    It’s the same thing at our house. So funny! Then I go to work and the strangest things come out of my mouth there…”Don’t chew on your flip-flop.” “Please don’t lick your desk.” “Please don’t put that pencil into your nose.” “How much of your eraser did you eat?” “That’s something you need to do in the restroom.” It is only first grade so I just have to chalk it up to learning experiences. haha
    Hope you had a great birtday! Love the blog. :)
    Alicia LvB

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