Nov 192010

I turned 37 today. For the past week, I’ve been extremely spoiled over that fact (enough that it warrants its own post). But really? A November 19 birthday apparently isn’t all that special. Off the top of my head, I can name four other people I know who turned a year older today—happy birthday Aunt Evelyn, Bev, Adam and Ryan—and at one time I could name ten. And check out all the famous names who share my birthdate:

Jodie Foster
Calvin Klein
Ted Turner
Dick Cavett
Larry King
Indira Gandhi
Tommy Dorsey
Ahmad Rashad
James Garfield
Ann Curry
Allison Janney
Meg Ryan
Savion Glover

I’m used to it, though. I mean, girls born in the 1970s named Jennifer aren’t exactly one-in-a-million, either. So how about you? Anybody cool share your birthday?

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday!! Hope it was a fantastic day!

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