Nov 202010

I know hearing about other people’s birthdays isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but my Saturday mostly consisted of a three-hour nap so I don’t have much else to write about.

My birthday! It happened. And it was pretty awesome, besides the inching-closer-to-forty thing. Some highlights:

Cake. I had not one but two cakes, equally delicious. When we were in Carterville last week, we celebrated a week early with a cake from my favorite bakery in southern Illinois (and maybe anywhere). And yesterday I was surprised with a freshly baked cake from friend Amanda, who makes a mean chocolate icing. I might have had three pieces.

Socializing. Most of yesterday was spent with fellow twin mamas. Friend Aimee hosted a twins club playgroup, where I sipped Diet Coke while Henry and Eleanor cavorted and colored turkeys. The afternoon was spent at Amanda’s with friends Christen and Kim, where the cake surprise happened. I’ll tell you, there’s nothing better than being serenaded by good friends and nine awesome kids who then help you blow out the candles. Especially when said kids get hopped up on sugar, then jump on and off the couch onto each other while yelling “Par-ty! Par-ty!”

Food. Have I mentioned there was cake? There was also tapas last night. Cousin Marcy babysat the kiddos while Andy and I headed downtown to pig out. And pig out we did, on paprika roasted almonds, and goat cheese with tomato sauce, and pork tenderloin and beef tenderloin, and roasted potatoes, and fried artichoke, and sangria. Oof. I’m still full thinking about it.

Internet. My iPhone beeped all day with texts and emails and posts to my Facebook wall. You sure know how to make a girl feel popular. Seriously, what did people do on their birthdays before the internet? Probably just sat in a dark room and felt unloved.

Presents. When we were in Carterville my parents did the cutest thing with Henry and Eleanor. They took them to the dollar store and told them they could pick out presents for Mom. They were so excited to give them to me and so proud! Eleanor picked out a lovely toy lion and a gingerbread bobblehead. Henry gave me cookie cutters and a NASCAR word search book. My parents spoiled me with new-clothes money and a cute bag and hat made from felted sweaters (made by Mom’s quilting group friend, who needs to open an Etsy shop, like, now). But the biggest surprise came from Andy. Say hello to my little friend:

(gingerbread bobblehead says hello, too)

Camera store gift card plus great sale equals Jennifer just replaced her fancypants camera with a fancierpants camera. Squeeee!

I’ll shut up about my birthday now. But honestly? Best birthday of my thirties.

  3 Responses to “Birthday Wrap-Up: Or, See How Spoiled I Am”

  1. Yay! New camera…woohoo! Care to try it out on your favorite 22 month old sometime soon?

    So glad you got to enjoy all that yummy food and that I had an excuse to make chocolate icing which you failed to mention I got all over my counter, dishwasher and floors!

    Oh and by the way, Claire told me “I miss my friends” as you were loading the kids into the van, she can’t get enough!

  2. Woohoo! New camera is totally exciting!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday!

  3. That is an AWESOME present!

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