Nov 262010

Things I’ve Overheard on PBS Kids’ Shows That Don’t Sound Very Kid-Friendly If You Know What I Mean (Wink, Wink)
Okay, then, let’s get down to business!

He hoped that Hung Lee realized he was in a rush.

Work your body, make your body feel real good!

Looks like BJ isn’t the only one who can do tricks.


For the past few Black Fridays I’ve thought, “who in their right mind gets up at the crack of dawn to go shopping?” and then suddenly find myself at Target before sunrise. Today I was at Target around 4:30. Found the handful of items I was looking for, waited in the checkout line, went to grab my wallet, realized wallet was sitting back home in my kitchen. Oops. So I went back to Target around 5:30. Then Walmart, then Ulta, then Old Navy, then JC Penney’s.

I don’t know why I secretly love Black Friday shopping. I am NOT a morning person, and believe that mornings shouldn’t begin until 10 am. But there’s something fun about studying all the ads and formulating your shopping plan. And my night owl side loves to be out and about in what seems like the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep. So yes, I was at Target four hours before the rest of my family awakened, just to get a cheap steam mop. That’s what America is all about, right?


Dear Snuggie,
It was one year ago today that I brought you home. Happy anniversary to my favorite rectangle of cheap fleece with sleeves. You keep me warm and cozy while still allowing me to drink Diet Coke and use my iPhone, and for that I love you. Sure, people may mock my love, but here’s hoping for many more years together.

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