Nov 302010

w00t! and FTW! and ZOMG!!!1!!one!!! and all those internet exclamations because I am DONE with NaBloPoMo. Thirty days, thirty posts. I suppose that for my final post of the month I should write something witty and profound, but I think lounging on my couch in my Snuggie and eating pizza while streaming Netflix episodes of Hoarders sounds more fun, so instead I’m going to end NaBloPoMo with this poorly constructed, long-ass run-on sentence. w00t!

  One Response to “Stick A Fork In Me, I'm Done”

  1. I’m pretty sad November is over because it was a lot of fun reading all these posts.
    I did one NaBloPoMo and realized I can’t post every single day. M-F every single week for 5 years? Yes, I can do that because I am insane. But adding in weekends was a little crazy for me.

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