Dec 042010

Why did I make no effort to get in shape before my own wedding, but for my sister’s wedding I’m all

Why is my blog’s RSS feed a partial feed even though none of my settings on WordPress or Feedburner are set to partial feed?

Was that Greg Oden I saw in Target tonight?

Is there an Australian version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?
And if so, where does Alexander say he’s going to move to?

Why can’t I stop watching Hoarders?

How was I wearing short sleeves and going barefoot a little over three weeks ago, and now there’s three inches of snow on the ground?

Why do weekends always go by so quickly?

  One Response to “Burning Questions”

  1. I have heard that Hoarders is really addictive! I wish I had that station!

    I just realized that your newly-engaged sister could make the same last-name combination as you, right? Depending on what parts she used? That’s so amazing!

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