Jan 182011

Allow me to bitch for just a moment

My poor blog has languished, alone and unloved, for what? like a month now? There’s so much I haven’t written about here, like the entire holiday season. And don’t get me started about my poor neglected photos sitting all SOOC and unedited on Lightroom. How far behind am I, you ask? Well, please enjoy this photo of our fun trip to the apple orchard. IN SEPTEMBER.

Have you looked outside today? We have come to the point in winter where I want to hibernate in a vat of Aquaphor until April.

Steve Jobs took another medical leave from Apple and I am overly worried about the health of someone I don’t even know. But considering that my iPhone sits next to me as I type on my iMac that’s on the desk next to my circa-2000 iMac while a Macbook is in the next room, Steve Jobs is pretty much even more important than Diet Coke in my daily life.

I think my daughter is never going to poop on the potty. Potty training is going to drive me insane if it doesn’t kill me first. You want to know where I’ve been when I’ve not been blogging? In a bathroom, probably.

And now for the rainbow and unicorns portion of this post

It’s well established that my iPod (GET WELL, STEVE) playlists resemble those of a 12-year-old. So yes, of course I’m fired up over Britney’s new single released this week. DUH. And I’m currently rocking out to Kanye’s “Monster” (don’t worry, Mom, not when the kids are around). Have you seen the Monster video featuring the Muppets? It’s genius and mesmerizing. It’s what I think being on drugs would be like. Which I might be on before pottytraining is over, so I’ll let you know.

I’m loving the little “embrace wild hair” print I bought on Etsy last night. What a great thing for Eleanor and her curls, right? Also framed and ready to hang is my “Midwest is best” postcard. Soon my house will be a veritable treasure trove of profound statements.

True dat

I married a boy who a) made sure I came home to a clean house after my trip to Carterville last week, b) can make Eleanor laugh so hard she can’t breathe, and c) knows a considerable amount of lyrics to “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.”

And not only is Henry pooping on the potty, when my parents took him shopping to pick out some celebratory presents, do you know the first thing he chose? Flowers for his mom. Excuse me while I go mop up my heart that apparently just melted all over the floor.

  14 Responses to “Bad Mood/Good Mood”

  1. Miss you guys! I hope the potty training doesn’t drive you too crazy…might need to up the crazy pill dosage.

  2. Did I ever leave a comment saying that we went through the poop thing with Nate? He pee trained in April. Poop trained took another 6-8 months. We tried EVERYTHING and got ASSLOADS OF ASSVICE. He had to just be ready.

    And OMG I LOVE that messy hair print. That is my motto!

    • A quick glance at any of the photos of myself I post to this blog will tell you “embrace messy hair” is my motto, too!

      And yeah, we’ve totally gotten a million bajillion “have you tried XYZ?” questions regarding potty training. Luckily we’re far enough into the process to just reply, “tried it. didn’t work.” At least we’re one down, one to go…

  3. So….1 of 2 is progress–be proud of that and the flower thing melts my heart! She’ll come along….I wonder where she gets her stubborness?

    • Is it weird to say that Eleanor gets her stubbornness from my sister? Seriously, I sometimes wonder if I’ve given birth to her child, given all the ways they are alike.

  4. I LOVE YOUR BLOG POSTS! :) :) :) :)

    Thank you for this one.
    So sweet.

    My playlists are mostly terribly offensive rap & hip hop songs.
    Nothing like getting the day off to a good start listening to T-Pain!!!!!
    Although lately I just LOVE that song “What’s my Name.” It’s so stupid. Why do I love it so much????

  5. Thanks for posting! Yay for Henry! Boo to snow! Did I tell you that my husband bought me a generic Snuggy (to be specific, a Cuddlee) for Christmas b/c I kept whining about how much I wanted one and that this whining was purely inspired by how awesome you made them sound? You were right. It rules.

    • Yay for Snuggies, whatever they might be called. Don’t think I won’t be recruiting you next winter if Indy has another snuggie bar crawl.

      To continue to force my likes upon you, Snuggie are especially comfy to wear while watching The Wire :)

  6. I so needed that hair print when I was in middle school!

    Awww, Henry has to be the sweetest little boy ever!

    • I know…isn’t being the mom of a boy pretty awesome? It’s amazing how much they love their moms.

  7. how am I just reading this… Henry and the flowers… If he doesn’t go for Caroline, I’m signing V up!

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