Jan 282011

Listen up: if you are currently germ-free, then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Learn from me. We were hanging out with friend Amanda and kiddos last Friday, and I was all, “knock on wood, we’ve been sooooooo lucky, the kids haven’t gotten sick yet this winter.”

And then around 1:00 am that night Henry woke up feverish, and on Saturday hey, maybe I don’t feel so good either, and on Sunday oh look, now Eleanor’s running a fever, and fun! we got our friends sick too! and oops there goes a week of preschool we paid for but couldn’t attend and maybe we’re all better no wait here’s Eleanor’s fever again and it won’t stop snowing winter will never be over but who knows what the weather’s like because I haven’t left the house in four days I am over fever and winter OVVVVVVERRRR IIIIIITTTT, I say.

But when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade chop them up and squeeze them into your Diet Coke. So here’s some positive aspects to our week.

No vomit. Give me fever and lethargy and coughs over puke ANY day. Can. Not. Handle. Puke. Thankfully I haven’t had to this week.

The best husband ever. Andy stayed home on Tuesday so I could sleep for 16 hours. He’s a keeper, that one.

Naps with the cat. The only thing better than sleeping for 16 hours is sleeping for 16 hours with the cat.

Reading. I actually got to read a whole book this week. It was almost like being on vacation, except for the fever thing.

Target’s caramel cashew trail mix. Because the main commandment of Target is Thou Shalt Not Purchase Solely What Is On Thou’s Shopping List, I impulsively bought this on a trip to buy ibuprofen. Thanks to my lack of appetite, I subsisted on it for two days. It’s delicious. Why didn’t I buy it sooner?

My iPhone. Thank goodness for technology when you have countless hours on the couch to fill. I don’t even want to know how many games of Fruit Ninja the kids and I have played this week. And thanks to Instagram I snapped the photos in this here blog post (I’m flesworthy, let’s follow each other!).

Snuggly children. Feverish kids are snuggly kids and boy, did I take advantage of that this week. How honored I am to be a source of comfort for my fantastic Henry and Eleanor.

So despite our seven days of fever and grouchiness and complaining, the week hasn’t been ALL bad. But next time we’re on a healthy streak? You’d better believe I’m going to keep it to myself.

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  1. I am definitely over Winter too. Bring on Spring early, I say!

    Hope you all are feeling better! And thanks for the tip on the Caramel Cashew trail mix – sounds delicious!

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