Feb 152011

Thanks to a fellow redhead and my blogging empire of tens of readers, I scored myself an invite to a roundtable tomorrow with Lt. Governor Becky Skillman. But given that I better know the release date of Britney’s next video (9:56 PM, February 17) than, say, the Indiana Speaker of the House (not that horrible-toupee guy anymore, right?), I am clearly what’s wrong with America.

Okay, so I might be exaggerating just a little (Brian Bosma, holla!) but I thought I’d ask: any fellow Hoosiers have any pressing issues regarding agriculture/community & rural affairs/energy/housing/tourism they want me to pass along?


How to Feel Old

1. Turn on TV, realize Grammys are on, settle down to watch.
2. Spend a few hours asking, “who’s that?”
3. Realize that you’re the same age as Justin Bieber’s parents.
4. Don’t stay awake to watch the entire ceremony.
5. Read online the winner of Album of the Year, and think, “I have never heard of them.”


One fun surprise of parenting was discovering that kids start to think potty humor is funny without any input or example from you. Suddenly we are ALL about the farts around here. Julie’s fiancée, normally called Funcle Farny (don’t ask), becomes Funcle Farty followed by squeals of laughter. The word coconut becomes cocobutt. Henry would fart and tell us how funny that was, until we laid down the law that we save our farts for the bathroom. But apparently all kids do this, right? Seriously, what’s the evolutionary advantage to having this trait? How do I teach them that in our family, humor is more along the lines of Arrested Development or Monty Python? Do you think I’m totally uninvited to the Statehouse now that I’ve lumped our government in with a post about farts?


Just In Case You Doubted Our Family’s Nerdiness

Friday evening, Flesworthy house
JENNIFER: (pointing at Eleanor’s Star Wars t-shirt) That’s what Darth Vader flies in. It’s called a TIE fighter.
ANDY: Nerd alert! Nerd alert!
JENNIFER: Oh reeeeeealllly, Mr. I Currently Have Green Lantern Comic Books Scattered About The House?
HENRY: (imagining an astronaut scenario) You can’t see my spaceship because it’s parked behind the conifer.

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  1. We have tried sarcasm with the boys but they do not understand it yet. Suckers.

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