Mar 012011

We had another round of germs this past week or so: an ear infection (Henry) and an ear infection plus bronchitis (Eleanor) plus some bonus snot and coughing (both of ‘em). The germiness meant we were running the vaporizer at night for the kids. And EVERY TIME I fill up the vaporizer and plug it in, I’m guaranteed to sing that word in my head to the tune of Britney’s “Womanizer” for at least the next 24 hours. The word nebulizer also works, if your germs are more of the pneumonia variety.

There’s really no point to this story, other than to get “vaporizer” stuck in your head, too, so I won’t have to suffer alone. Vapor-izer, vapor-izer, vapor-izer *deep voice* VAPOR-IZER!


I still find myself extremely entertained by this Kanye West tweet:

I think we all must make it our fun new slang term for general awesomeness. I might be like a mean girl trying to make “fetch” happen, but I do think this has potential for greatness.

Wow, these photos I took turned out great. I threw some kazoo on this bitch.

Dude, these nachos are delicious. They totally threw some kazoo on this bitch.

Or maybe it should be a term for anger?

She said WHAT? Man, I’m going to throw some kazoo on this bitch.

However you use it, please add it to your lexicon immediately.


Speaking of lexicon additions, our sweet Eleanor is extremely self-conscious and cannot take a compliment. If you pay too much positive attention to her, she either hides her head or (my favorite) yells “NO!” and runs down the hall. So Andy and I have resorted to talking in code to alert each other to nearby Eleanor cuteness. Our code word? Filibuster. For example, “Go check out Eleanor, she’s such a filibuster right now.” If she grows up to be an argumentative senator, we’re completely to blame.


Okay, so my RSS feed is only doing a partial feed and it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY because every setting I can find is set to full feed. Anybody got any supersecret WordPress or Feedburner settings they know of that I haven’t checked yet?


If this recent drawing by Henry doesn’t make you happy, then clearly you have no soul.

  6 Responses to “Flesworthy Filler: Why Don't We Just Go Ahead & Drop The Friday Part”

  1. Brilliant!

    OH MY GOODNESS! Henry can draw people that look like people?!?!? When did this happen?!? This is amazing! That face looks like a real face! Look at those arms and legs! Adorable. And Little Miss Filibuster?!? So precious.

    Hope the germs will stay away for awhile.

    • Thanks! And I’m hoping the germs stay away, too, or you’re going to find me rocking back and forth in a corner, clutching a bottle of sunscreen and muttering “winter is NEVER going to be over”

  2. I freaking love this post. It is all kinds of kazoo.

    • Thanks! Perhaps we could add a comma and make our Kanye-slang a compliment, too. Example: That was all kinds of kazoo, bitch. :)

  3. LOVE this… Hilarious from beginning to end :)

  4. You totally threw some kazoo on this post. (I really have no idea what that means!)

    But I did have to comment on the cuteness of Henry’s picture! A person with arms AND legs! And even a body! He has totally showed Punkin up!

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