Apr 072011

If you ever needed proof of how spoiled my children are, look no further than their fourth birthday.

How normal people celebrate their birthday:

Day of birthday: blow out some candles, enjoy some cake, celebrate with friends and/or family, open a few presents and/or cards.

How Henry and Eleanor celebrated their birthday:

Thursday before birthday: celebrate at preschool with cupcakes at snacktime, candles to blow out after Happy Birthday is sung, birthday story books, and cupcake cards drawn by classmates.

Friday, Saturday before birthday: enjoy visit from Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa Bob, eat queso while watching a mariachi band, open presents and cards, blow out candles after Happy Birthday is sung, eat giant pieces of rainbow cake.

Day of birthday: playdate with friends with presents and cupcakes from our favorite bakery, trip to arcade to enjoy Skee-Ball, bowling and pizza, more presents, more cake.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday after birthday: go to Grandma Sallie and Grandpa Larry’s house, blow out candles after Happy Birthday is sung, eat sugar cookies and flowers-and-dinosaur cake from our other favorite bakery, open presents, plant perennials purchased in honor of their birthday, visit with neighbors, open more presents, eat pizza at restaurant with trains, eat more cake and cookies.

Sunday: return home to Indy, open presents that arrived while at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

(Just a wee bit spoiled, don’t you think?)


  5 Responses to “Happy Birth(ten)days to You”

  1. Definitely spoiled. :) I imagine they will expect solid gold, matching Rolls Royces for their 16th birthday. You all better start saving up! Your little ones are obviously surrounded with love!

  2. Sounds perfectly acceptable to me! Happy (Belated) Birthday!!

  3. Why, I think EVERY birthday should be such a magnificent celebration! They only turn four once, right? :) (Happy birthday, kiddos – you are adorable!!!)

  4. Oh what a grand celebration! It looks like they loved every minute of it. For the record, I don’t think either of my children have only ever had “just” one birthday celebration :)

  5. I firmly believe that birthdays should be celebrated by anyone and everyone who wants to celebrate! We celebrate “the last day you are 3” and “the first day you are 4.” I also believe that mom should be celebrated with birthdays of kids! So celebrate away! It’s not like you had some huge party with circus performers and a petting zoo (I’ve been to a 3 year old’s party like that).

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