Jun 012011

Indianapolis is a great place to raise children, and we want Henry and Eleanor to be proud of their hometown. We don’t partake in all Hoosier traditions—listening to John (Cougar) Mellencamp songs and discriminating against homosexuals spring to mind—but there are others that we want to instill in our kids. As a result, much of May is spent celebrating the Indy 500. I think we’re a year or two away from taking Henry and Eleanor to the actual race, but it was a great year for heading downtown to the parade.

We splurged on tickets for assigned seating, and had front-row seats for the floats, balloons, marching bands, and celebrities. And I have the blurry back-of-their head photos to prove it!

See? I was feet away from my BFF-in-my-head Anderson Cooper!

That’s really him! Pinky swear!

And Mrs. Brady was there, because she always sings at the race for reasons I don’t know!

Why won’t anyone wave to our side of the street?

But even better than the celebrities were the “celebrities.” It was TOTALLY worth $15 a seat to rub shoulders with such luminaries as:

REO Speedwagon!

Yes, Champaign readers, those air quotes are warranted!

This guy from CSI! No, not that CSI, the other one!

The chick from American Idol who mispronounced “salmon!”

This racing guy!

That racing guy!

The woman from the Carol Burnett show that Andy thought had died!

Indianapolis’ loose definition of “famous” aside, Henry and Eleanor were enamored of it all, and Andy and I enjoyed watching both the parade and the kids’ excitement over it. Henry and Eleanor spent the rest of the weekend watching the race and carrying around sections of the newspaper featuring the lineup of race car drivers. I think we’re doing a good job of raising authentic Hoosiers. You’ll NEVER get me to listen to “Jack & Diane,” though.

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  1. Um, Kellie Pickler is from NC…. what is she doing in your parade instead of mine??

    Oh right, we could see her at the NC State Fair for $5. FIVE DOLLARS.

    Anderson Cooper is so freaking hot. I think he has to be on my top 5 list if Jon would let me have said list.

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