Jul 112011

My mom’s mom, Grandma Marge, shaped my taste in jewelry. Specifically, bracelets—the bigger and chunkier the better. My sister is the same way. I don’t know on which chromosome the Love of Big-Ass Bracelets gene is located (the X, I’m guessing), but we inherited it. The word “bangles” to me means not an ’80s band but a shared fashion sense and good memories of being a very spoiled first grandchild.

My bangles, which include several of my grandma’s, stored on my other grandma’s serving dish, because I’m all about the grandmas, yo.

But what I most remember about my grandma and her accessories was her jewelry hanger, a wooden row of diamonds and pegs. My family is a costume jewelry, not fine jewels, kind of crowd, but I thought that all the hanging strands of plastic beads and Avon gold- and silver-plated chains were the most glamorous thing you could ever see.

I still love those “grandma jewelry hangers.” When visiting my Aunt Darlene this past fall (Grandma Marge’s sister, who deserves her own post about how awesome she is), I sneaked in her room to snap photos of her grandma jewelry hanger, because it’s just how I remember her sister’s.

A few weeks ago, I was at a thrift store when I spotted some familiar-looking wooden pegs on a shelf.
I’ve never been so happy to spend 80 cents.

Behold! My own grandma jewelry hanger!

Okay, so it’s a little sparse, but I have another 30 years or so to really cultivate my grandma collection. Bring on the plastic beads!

  10 Responses to “I Like Big Beads And I Cannot Lie”

  1. It looks great! I SHOULD have gotten one!

  2. You better hope you still have 30 years to fill that up! :)

  3. I have one just like it–(on the wall behind my bedroom drawer. But I beat your 80 cents. I was my mother in laws. Mine is overflowing.

    • I like looking at your jewelry hanger, too! Grandma Anna’s represented at our house, too…I’ve got her pin tucked in with my bracelets, and if you look closely you’ll see E’s necklace on my grandma jewelry hanger.

  4. I’m using our old quilt hanger as a grandma bead hanger. But now I need one of THOSE!

    • While I highly recommend my grandma jewelry hanger, I like your quilt hanger idea, too! My mom is a quilter, so it would be a good spin on the one I have.

  5. Love it. Want one just like it!

  6. oh grandma jewelry. I love.

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