Jul 132011

I’ve been in a concert mood this week. Not only am I making plans for Brit-Brit’s concert in Indy next month, I get a fun night out with Andy tonight at the Emmylou Harris show (thanks Merrill & Phil!).

Before kids, Andy and I went to a lot of concerts. Sometimes we’ll try to come up with all the ones we’ve been to together. Then we try to list all of the other concerts we’ve attended, and I get totally jealous because Andy’s first concert was The Police. THE POLICE.

Anyhow, to take my mind off of tomorrow’s surgery (and the fact that I’m STARVING, stupid day-before liquid diet), I made a list of some of the songs I’m really thankful to have heard performed live.

Respect, Aretha Franklin
Yesterday, Paul McCartney
I Will Always Love You, Dolly Parton
Purple Rain, Prince
Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash
Rapper’s Delight, Sugar Hill Gang
I should probably list a Bob Dylan song here, except I couldn’t understand a word he was saying
Mr. Wendal, Arrested Development
Living on A Prayer, Bon Jovi
U Can’t Touch This, M.C. Hammer
Ice, Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice
Basket Case, Green Day
Philosophy, Ben Folds Five
Istanbul, Not Constantinople, They Might Be Giants
She’s No Lady, She’s My Wife, Lyle Lovett
Wicked Game, Chris Isaak
I Can’t Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt
Mountain Music, Alabama
Buddy Holly, Weezer
If I Had A Million Dollars, Barenaked Ladies
What It Takes, Aerosmith
Hip To Be Square, Huey Lewis
It’s So Hard To Say Goobdye, Boyz II Men
Baby, Baby, Amy Grant
I’m Gonna Love You Forever, Randy Travis
Only Love, Wynonna
Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, Willie Nelson
I Wanna Be Sedated, The Ramones
Big Me, Foo Fighters
Girlfriend, Matthew Sweet
Hey Jealousy, Gin Blossoms
Valerie Loves Me, Material Issue
We Are In Love, Harry Connick Jr.
And So It Goes, Billy Joel
And So It Goes, Betty Buckley
Don’t Know Why, Norah Jones
World Where You Live, Finn Brothers (Crowded House)
Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx
The Right Stuff, New Kids on The Block
Grandpa, The Judds
Rush, Big Audio Dynamite
Rock & Roll All Night, KISS
Goodbye, Earl, Dixie Chicks
Jesse’s Girl, Rick Springfield

You turn. What concerts have been your favorite?

  13 Responses to “SHOCKING! I occasionally listen to music that's not Britney!”

  1. I want to hurt you now. So many amazing songs.
    But I can’t hurt you because I love you. LOVE that Aretha’s Respect (!!!) is in there The Right Stuff. HELL YEAH.

    My best concert moment? FIRST ROW Milli Vanilli, baby.

    Actually hearing Aretha sing live at the Obama inauguration is a top 10 moment because I got tickets to the Obama inauguration. Hardest ticket EVER to get.

    • Okay, I *should* be all, “I’m so jealous you got to attend the inauguration,” but instead my first thought was, “dude! you saw the famous Aretha hat!”

  2. that is an awesome list!
    i, too, saw bob dylan and can remember him singing “tangled up in blue” since it was pretty obvious!

    I have seen so.many.shows! that i can’t even think of the actual songs that were played, but bands and great nights. too many to list!

    i hope all goes well tomorrow, too! you’re in my prayers!

    • I’m in awe that you could decipher any Bob Dylan lyrics. Seriously, I’ve never been so confused in the presence of a musical legend.

  3. Front row of the killers in Nashville! Also, every single song Justin Nozuka performed live…. One of the very best concerts I’ve ever been too– he came to Portland last year. I keep telling my husband, when I’m ready to trade him in for a younger model, Justin Nozuka will be my go-to guy.

    Ummm, somehow “Joe Mcintyre” was not on this list, above…. also seen in Indy??

    • OMG how could I forget Joey Mac? I’m probably just blocking out the memory because I’m so distraught he didn’t sign my NKOTB teddy bear.

  4. Ok, I’ll add to this one – a small portion I can remember right now. Part 2 coming later…

    Roxanne – The Police (sorry)
    One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood
    So Whatcha Want? – Beastie Boys
    Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Gimme All Your Lovin – ZZ Top
    Biko – Peter Gabriel
    Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2
    In a Big Country – Big Country
    Take it on the Run – REO Speedwagon
    (I can’t get no) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
    Cult of Personality – Living Colour
    John Deere Tractor Song – Don Walser
    For you are Beautiful – Roger Whitaker
    Closer – Nine Inch Nails
    People are People – Depeche Mode
    I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar (with Eddie Van Halen)
    California Girls – Beach Boys
    California Girls – David Lee Roth
    Nobody’s Fool – Cinderella
    Runaway – Bon Jovi
    PInk Houses- John Mellencamp
    Boys of Summer – Don Henley
    Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell
    Only the Lonely – Roy Orbison
    Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band
    Ma n Pa – Fishbone
    Keep Your Hands to Yo Self – Georgia Satellites
    Man in the Box – Alice in Chains
    Alive – Pearl Jam
    Thank God I’m a Country Boy – John Denver
    Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc (bachelor party)
    Counting the Days – Goldfinger
    Jump Around – Everlast

  5. WHAT!?!?!

    You are amazing!

    Really?!?!? All those??!?!?!? Live?!???!??!

    :) :) :) :) Boyz II Men!!!!????!!!!!

    Ug. You never cease to amaze and inspire. :)

    • Thanks! Yeah, Boyz II Men was pretty awesome. Saw them when they were just an opening act, though (for MC Hammer!)–my sister is the one who’s experienced a full-on Boyz II Men concert, complete with waterfalls.

  6. Now, that’s A LOT of concerts – how awesome.

    a few of my faves:

    Paul Simon: just about anything we were jammin’ to while the rain was pouring in the pavillion sideways
    Bare Naked Ladies: Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson: Wouldn’t It be Nice
    NKOTB: Right Stuff
    Dino: I’ll be your Romeo
    Willie Nelson: On the Road Again
    Elvis Costello: What’s so Funny bout Peace Love and Understanding
    REO Speedwagon: Can’t Fight this Feeling
    John Michael Montgomery: Sign
    Colin Raye: In this Life
    Amy Grant: All I’ll Ever Have To Be
    Thomas: On stage at the Christmas Concert “Don’t Look at Me!”
    Verve: Bittersweet Symphony
    Janet Jackson: Rhythm Nation

  7. Oh, and how could I forget:

    Vanilla Ice: Ice, Ice Baby

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