Aug 102011

  7 Responses to “SOMEDAY they'll sit still long enough to take a picture with them, won't they?”

  1. Seriously can I please tell you some of my secrets? Because truly, if you see the picture of my boys on the first day of kindergarten last week, I should be given a medal.

    CRAP. I should write a blog post on this.

    Pseudo blog post:
    1. Bribe children with smarties. They are pure sugar so no one is allergic to them. They don’t stain clothes or hands. And you can dole them out one or two at a time for good photos.

    2. Go to Target and buy yourself a little stuff dog toy that squeaks. Make him sit on your head. Squeaking = farting.

    3. If that fails, tell them something crazy. Like you’re going to throw your sunglasses into the lake. They will be all “No?” and smile because it is so naughty.

    4. Very loud cow noises and vomiting noises bring giggles.

  2. :) You are looking extra beautiful, lady! And our whole fam is, too.

  3. Your kids are absolutely precious. I think I love the last shot too– that is HILARIOUS! :)

    • Thanks! I think they’re precious, too. But, you know, I’m biased, so it’s nice to get outside confirmation :)

      Regarding the last shot, we have a handful of those “use our uncooperative daughter as a posing prop” shots—they’ll be fun to whip out to embarrass her with in about ten years!

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