Aug 222011

Words I need my kids to stop saying every 1.7 seconds



Four reasons why I was not surprised Apple spent time last week as the world’s most valuable company


Sentences from the Femme Fatale tour Wikipedia page that make me excited for tonight’s Britney concert

For the finale, she was revealed to wear a kimono, with an anime version of herself silkscreened on one sleeve, over a sparkling, black bodysuit with LED lights built into it.

This is followed by a video intermission that contains the beginning of the music video for “My Prerogative,” and in which a stalker reveals that Spears is a secret agent.

Spears returns to the stage wearing a golden outfit and performs an Egyptian-inspired version of “Gimme More,” containing a barge and fireworks.

After the song changes back to the original version, Spears starts flying in a platform with giant angel wings.

She reappears to perform a martial arts-inspired version of “Toxic,” in which she defeats a group of ninjas.

(Ninjas, people. NINJAS!)

  3 Responses to “Lists”

  1. OMG I wanted to go so badly! Was it everything you hoped? I will always have mad love for Brit Brit, no matter how cray she is! :)

  2. Our beloved Brit Brit was AWESOME!

  3. Seems like you are a great Britney fans that you go through every details of her outfit and with her performance. I also love her she never out of style.

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