Aug 302011

Andy and I remarked to each other after the soccer parent meeting that we still sometimes feel like imposters. Like someone was going to come up to us and say, “I’m sorry, you don’t belong here.” I think there are parts of us that will always have a hard time believing Henry and Eleanor are real, that they actually happened.

During our four years of waiting for a family, the one dad-type activity Andy consistently talked about was his wish to be a coach. That’s why last night’s very first soccer practice was so special.

Sure, it was just a bunch of three- and four-year-olds running amok for an hour. But for me? It was not believing my luck in seeing my two healthy children proudly wear their soccer cleats, while their father realizes a goal (oooh, soccer pun) eight years in the making.

I know the minivan-driving soccer mom is such a cliché. But I’ve known the alternative, so it’s a badge I happily wear with pride.


  4 Responses to “Heck Yeah, I'm A Soccer Mom”

  1. Great pictures and lovely post.

    They look like naturals out there!
    And Andy looks like an excellent coach with the whistle around his neck.


    You are the most witty and amazing soccer mom I know.

    And someday I hope I get to be a soccer mom, too. :)

  2. How awesome! They look so happy and Andy wears a whistle well.

  3. They are just precious. I get how this is so important to you & to your husband. There are worse things in life than being a soccer mom 😉 Or a soccer COACH! :)

  4. Yay! That is extra special! And they look SO adorable!

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