Sep 072011

What a difference a year makes, huh?

Last year, I spent several weeks feeling nervous about Henry and Eleanor starting preschool. Andy and I spent lots of time preparing the kids and ourselves for the start of their education. Their first day arrived, and Andy and I both walked them into their classroom, and then I cried leaving the parking lot because it felt SO WEIRD to just leave my babies behind.

This year, between the three-day weekend and some time-consuming house projects, I was actually worried I’d forget to take them to school this morning. It didn’t even occur to me to see if Andy wanted to come with us. I hurriedly snapped some photos that aren’t 100% in focus. I walked Henry and Eleanor into their classroom, and they were quickly off to the rug for circle time. Eleanor didn’t even give me a hug. This time, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed to an appointment, thinking to myself that it was nice to have time to myself again. Afterwards, they were proud to tell me they served their own snacks and poured their own drinks because they’re big kids now.

So, second year of preschool: not that big of an adjustment. But all of the kids-growing-too-fast-where-does-the-time-go stuff? Still hard for this mom to handle.

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  1. oh the cuteness. i cannot get over it!

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