Sep 302011

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you come home from a lovely and much-needed girls weekend, where you saw old friends and made new friends and bought art and drank margaritas, and you are gearing up for a busy week of soccer and twins club banquets and preschool and another trip out of town, but your son was throwing up while you were gone, and then your daughter starts throwing up that night, and then your husband is suddenly queasy, too, and you’re totally bummed to miss soccer team photos and your banquet while also grossed out from having to take care of a house full of sick people, because puke is the one bodily function you seriously can’t handle, and you think that your slightly weird-feeling stomach is just due to the whole “can’t handle puke” thing, but then at 2:00am you’re rushing to the bathroom to throw up, and then you spend the next 30 or so hours in bed streaming horrible reality shows on your iPad and feeling like you’re never going to be able to eat again, and then you spend the next two days trying to get caught up and failing miserably, while sipping McDonald’s Coke and cursing your stomach and feeling like it should be Monday when it’s actually Thursday, and suddenly you’re supposed to leave for your 20th high school reunion at lunchtime the next day, and you haven’t even made a packing list or finished laundry, and then it’s 12:30am and there’s still so many items on your to-do list you say “screw it,” and you sit down and write the longest run-on sentence ever published on the internet, and you cross your fingers that your former English/reading teachers you’re friends with on Facebook (hi Mrs. Bullard! and Mrs. Miskell! and Mrs. Hunter!) don’t click on your blog link and read this and feel like their careers were wasted, and you kinda wish you could get a mulligan on this whole week because next week will be just as crazy except hopefully minus all the puking?

Yeah. Me, too.

p.s. My friend Kim wrote about our girls’ weekend here.
p.p.s. Can someone send the packing fairies over to my house tonight, please? Thanks.

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  1. Have a great time at your class reunion!

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