Oct 062011

JENNIFER: Eleanor, you pinched Henry and that hurt him. You need to tell him you’re sorry.
ELEANOR: But my sorry is still being made. It will be ready to come out in a little while.


the family enjoys a cookout on the deck
ELEANOR: I LOVE mayonnaise! I could just eat it every day.


Jennifer shows Henry and Eleanor the pile of Beanie Babies she bought for a service project
JENNIFER: You can each pick one, but the rest we’re going to send to soldiers for them to give to other little kids.
JENNIFER: Well, in the countries the soldiers are in, people often don’t have as much as we do here. Sometimes the children don’t have any toys.
ELEANOR: So they just walk around and watch TV?


ELEANOR: Mom, what do bears do?
JENNIFER: What do bears do? Well, they live in the woods. And uh, eat fish, I guess.
ELEANOR: And smash cars?

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  1. Love that she loves mayonaisse with her fries – my eurogirl. Gotta get her to live malt vinegar on them next

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