Oct 182011

I can’t get all riled up about the Footloose remake, because I’ve never seen the original Footloose.

I thought the Bay of Pigs was synonymous with the Cuban Missile Crisis, until Andy informed me a month ago that they are, in fact, two separate events.

I sat inches from a door I could open, and instead asked Siri to tell me the weather.

I just realized last week that Elvis Costello is British.

  2 Responses to “Embarassing Confessions”

  1. Wah wah what??? Bay of Pigs not involved with Cuban missile crisis? I missed that too. And that is why Jon creams me at Trivial Pursuit every time.

    • Oh yeah, it was involved. The Bay of Pigs was what caused the Cuban missile crisis. I thought it was just one event that you could call either “Bay of Pigs” or “Cuban missile crisis” until Andy informed me that no, it was two separate events. And apparently Che Guevara showed up at some point, too? I don’t know–I also have a husband who kicks my ass at Trivial Pursuit.

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