Nov 072011

I’m not the only one in the family that loves photography.

For a couple years now, Henry has been interested in whatever you can use to take a picture. He’s grabbed my iPhone, my point-and-shoot, (attempted to grab) my fancypants camera, and started snapping away.

Sometimes he just photographs whatever, but he’s also quick to tell you how to pose, or to move around to frame his shot. The other day he asked me, “what do you call someone who takes pictures?” “A photographer.” “Right. That’s what I want to be when I grow up. A photographer.”

In browsing though photos for this post, I realized that I never copied my favorites from my old iPhone (*sob*), but I still have plenty of Henry creations. Some of my favorites:

His absolute favorite subject? The self-portrait.

But honestly, with a face like that, can you blame him?

  10 Responses to “Oh, snap!”

  1. My favorite is the face-down doll. I swear the carpet is moving. That kid has talent!

    • Thanks! He was playing around with moving the camera (like the one of the light coming from our front door window), but for the life of me I can’t figure out how he did this one!

    I let Nate take pictures of me and Jon with the big camera. It’s totally awesome to have someone who can take photos of us!

    • Henry is probably at the point where he can be trusted with the fancypants camera, I just need to work on not being so nervous to hand it over to him! It would be nice to actually be in the photos once in a while, though…

  3. I love it!! The one of the toys tossed about and sis in the background should be framed and called “Wake.” :)

    • Oooh, good idea! I have plans for a gallery wall in my house, I think it might have to be added. I love his down-on-the-ground perspective, and it perfectly captures what our days are usually like.

  4. Way to go, Henry! Excellent photos. I like the horsey toys on the carpet. They are all brilliant!

    • Thanks! Now granted, there’s still lots of photos of random things like, say, his feet, or ones that you have NO idea what it is. But he definitely has a lot of gems mixed in with those!

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