Nov 182011

Woke up around 7:00
Sat in the slowest McDonald’s line ever for a $1 cup of coffee
Spent the morning at preschool
Said goodnight to a bunch of teddy bears as they settled into their cardboard cave to hibernate for the winter
Sounded when I talked like I’d smoked a pack a day for the past 37 years
Snuggled a bunch with these two

Felt sinus headache-y and kinda run down for the seventh day in a row
Felt overwhelmed with how behind I am on answering email
Wished I could have a weekend away with my husband
Gave up on any afternoon productivity and played Mario Kart
Fed children a gourmet dinner of chicken nuggets
Let Andy handle kid bedtime duty while I sneaked off to the Goodwill Outlet
Ate burritos while watching Breaking Bad
Wrote this blog post


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