Nov 192011

Is it cheating if your husband writes one of your NaBloPoMo posts for you? Oh, well. Even if it is, this interview Andy did with Henry and Eleanor today is too cute not to share.


Sat Henry and Eleanor down to get their thoughts about Mom.


Q:  What do you love most about Mom?

Henry:  Because she loves me.
Eleanor: Because I snuggle with her.

Q: What is the prettiest thing about Mom?

Henry: Her hat she wears.
Eleanor: She wears pretty shirts.

Q: What would you do without Mom?

Henry: I would cry.
Eleanor: I would cry, too.

Q:  If Mom was a Superhero who would she be and why?

Henry: Super Mom. She will fly and she will get flat when people sit beside her.
Eleanor:  Supergirl. She pushes away bad guys with her head, and her arms too.

Q:  What should Mom get for Christmas?

Henry: A new cell phone for when her new one breaks.
Eleanor: An iPad for Dad (swear to God she said this – Andy)

Q:  If a tarantula came after Mom how would you protect her?

Henry:  I would shoo him away with my light saber.
Eleanor:  Stomp on it and make it flat.

Q: How much money should Mom make for taking care of you?

Henry:  13 dollars.
Eleanor:  0 because I DON’T WANT ANY MORE QUESTIONS!


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