Nov 202011

I looooooooove my birthday. Which sounds completely self-centered, but whatever. I love cake, and blowing out candles, and the trips Andy and I would take to Chicago to see shows before we had kids, and the guilt-free day of avoiding childcare after we had kids.

So you know what really sucked? Feeling under the weather yesterday on my birthday.

But all was not lost. I rustled out of bed in the afternoon for some cake and card-opening. Andy and the kids surprised me with delicious triple-chocolate cake from my favorite bakery, and Christmas ornament presents that Henry and Eleanor had picked out by themselves at the store.

Andy had arranged for my cousin to watch the kids last night so we could go out and celebrate. Since I can think of only one or two other evenings in 2011 that I got to go on a date with my husband, I bucked up, drank a pot of coffee while proclaiming, “it’s my birthday, dammit!” and headed out with Andy to the Naptown Roller Girls roller derby bout.

And roller derby was AWESOME.

There was Sun King beer, and awesome roller derby names (I decided mine would be deJenerate), and even people dressed up as Star Wars characters. I wanted to get my photo taken with stormtroopers, but happily settled for a hot wampa instead.

I left a big fan, with the t-shirt and striped skull socks to prove it. Birthday: redeemed.

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  1. Happy happy birthday!

    Let me complain about MY birthday for a minute. Jon’s birthday is the day before mine. You know the day your birthday when you’re all “MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! CAN’T WAIT!” …. I spend that day celebrating Jon’s birthday.

    I totally understand why twins would hate sharing a birthday now.

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