Nov 232011

It’s really, really hard to type a blog post on an iPhone whose battery is almost out of juice. But I don’t feel too bad about not crafting a well written, thought out post, because seriously. It’s 11:14 pm on the night before Thanksgiving. Nobody’s online right now reading blogs, everyone’s either baking pie or resting up in preparation for eating themselves silly or perusing Black Friday ads while bitching about consumerism creeping into Thanksgiving day. I’m off to do the “resting up in preparation for eating myself silly” thing, much needed after a five-hour road trip earlier today that felt about seventeen hours too long. And that last sentence seems like it doesn’t even make sense, and the red bar in my battery indicator just became a red sliver, so goodnight!

  One Response to “Too lazy to think of a title, besides, nobody's even online right now anyway”

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :) :) :) :)

    Have a beautiful weekend.


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