Nov 282011

It’s 11:53 pm and I have exactly seven minutes to slap something up on the internet to keep my NaBloPoMo streak alive. So after a day of

spend morning in Champaign
pack up van
head back to Indy
unload van
Cyber Monday shopping
“Mom, can we put up the Christmas tree?”
“When will we put up the tree?”
“How many minutes until we put up the tree?”
“Can we put up the tree now?”
“When will we put up the tree?”
“Is it time to put up the tree?”
put up the tree
prepare for twins club meeting
twins club meeting
stop by post office
late-night trip to Target
supper at 11:00
a few emails
a poorly written blog post

I’m going to pinky swear cross my heart promise to write more tomorrow.

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