Nov 292011

I feel like this whole NaBloPoMo exercise has been me posting every day about how I don’t have time to post and I’ll post more tomorrow. Which I’m kinda doing today, too, because you know that feeling of overwhelmed-ness when you get back home after almost six days away, and you have a crapload of stuff still to unpack, and now you have a crapload of Christmas stuff to put away after dragging all your decorations out, and your plans of starting to get caught up on email/Facebook/Twitter were thwarted by your internet being down for a chunk of the day, and you’re starting to mentally put together your to-list for December and Christmas which is making you freak out just a wee bit? Yeah, that one.

But those six days away, where we went to Carterville and Champaign to celebrate Thanksgiving, and which I’ve already mentioned a little bit here on the ol’ blog, were lots of fun. The gist of it: sleep in, eat, nap, eat, read, some fun activity, nap, hang out with family, eat, eat, sleep. I’ve already posted lots of iPhone photos from the trip (the fancypants camera was brought along but never made it out of the camera bag), but why don’t I show you some of the others that got snapped? Consider it the extra bonus DVD in your box set. Maybe I should put together a blooper reel, too.

Pre-travel preparations involved a lot of packing, and Millie was my packing supervisor. Man, she’s a tough boss.

When we were in Carterville, I continued my recent tradition of dragging out my old toys, and got out my Barbies after much begging by Eleanor. I was a little sad to discover that I am old enough now that my Barbie clothes are all back in style. There were dolman-esque sleeves galore, and one-shouldered dresses, wedge heels, and some rockin’ ’70s jumpsuits.

A treat for Andy and I was attending the SIU basketball game on Friday night.

The crowd was sparse due to the holiday, giving us plenty of room to enjoy the beautifully remodeled arena, and especially the large photos adorning the walls.

While in Champaign, Henry took some more photos.

Another treat for Andy and I was sneaking out to see The Muppets on Sunday night. We enjoyed both it and the lobby decorations.

We got home yesterday afternoon and immediately segued from Thanksgiving into Christmas. I don’t like decorating before December 1, but once again Henry and Eleanor won out.

And thus ends your Trip Through Jennifer’s iPhone. See you tomorrow for the last day of NaBloPoMo!

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